Monday, January 24, 2011


I received this cookbook for my birthday - Good Eats:  The Early Years and its follow up Good Eats 2:  The Middle Years for Christmas.  What can I say, I've always been a huge fan of the show and the Mrs. gets me.

But why am I telling you this?  Ask yourself this question:  Of the cookbooks you have on your shelf (come on, you know you have more than one and less than 10) how much do you use them?

I've used those at least 4 times in the last month and all of the recipes were phenomenally tasty and easy.  Not necessarily simple, but then like Thelonious Monk said:  Simple ain't easy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tough Week

Sleep has been in short supply around these parts.

T was in Texas visiting family before the semester started and was due to arrive back in the mitten Sunday afternoon...flight canceled.  Nothing like a text message at 2:35 a.m. telling you that bit of news.  Eventually arrived home just after 11 p.m.  In bed after midnight.

Up early for work on Monday.  Up late Monday night watching Auburn win the national championship (War Eagle...sorry all of my Duck fan friends.  Nothing personal.)

Up early Tuesday to visit the dentist.  Was told I "have good teeth."  Nice.

Tuesday night was later than usual due to seeing "Hood to Coast."  Phenomenal movie.  Highly recommend it.

Wednesday up early for work - have to be here at 8 a.m. instead of the usual 10:30 a.m.  I know, rough, but it's all what you're used to doing.

By 5:00 p.m. yesterday I was a zombie.  T felt the same.  Solution to the problem?  Sleep.

Lights out last night at 8:30 p.m.  Thank you ambien for an uninterrupted 10 hours of sleep.  Actually feel like a normal human today.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

That Time of Year

January.  Fresh pages on your calendar.  Packed to the gills fitness centers/YMCAs/gyms, etc as everyone has made their New Year's Resolutions and goals for 2011.

I've made some myself.  I have a mileage goal (1500 miles) for the year, but more importantly this year I've made goals that will help me get to that big number.  I want to run at least 30 miles each weak (which would give me 1560 miles) and I want to run at least 140 miles each month (which would give me 1680 miles) get the point.

I've got other goals, some that will make it on here, some that won't.

However, as you finalize your goals for 2011, it is only the second week, I would like to leave you with a quote:

It's not about goal setting, it is about goal achievement.  Anyone can set goals, few are willing to do what it takes to actually achieve them.

This was a tweet from Vern Gambetta, a very wise man.

2011 isn't about setting's about achieving them.  That's the hard part.  It's about being willing to go to bed early, it's about not having that third, or second, or even first beer, it's about turning off the TV and getting something done.

What are you willing to do in order to achieve your goals this year?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I Just Don't Get It

NBC's "Biggest Loser" just had its 11th season premier Tuesday night.  I've watched some of the show in years past (the amount of tears/crying/whoa-is-me was the biggest turn-off for me) but honestly I do not understand the appeal of the show.  Plus when you factor in the controversy from a few years back about the marathon-than-wasn't-quite-26.2 it's really not a show, or a concept that I really want to support by watching.

But you know what?  I think the whole concept is flawed.  It should be easy to lose weight when you're in an isolated environment, healthy food is provided, and the only thing on your appointment sheet that day (and for every day for several weeks) is to workout!

I know they send the finalists home for a number of weeks and the ultimate winner is the one who keeps losing weight and loses the most percentage of their starting weight.  Great, give that person some prize cash!  The winning amount, I think, is $250,000.  Give that person $25,000.  Then have another weigh-in in 6 months.  The "biggest loser" then should get $75,000.  Then have the three come back another 6 months later for the last weigh-in...and give that person the last $150,000.

Because shouldn't the focus of the show be who can maintain the healthy lifestyle the longest?

It's all smoke and mirrors and Hollywood hype.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


I was pleased a few weeks ago when the University of Pittsburgh decided to relieve my alma mater of her football coach.  Despite the improvements in the win-loss record this year I was never a fan.  It was just something I couldn't put my finger on...was it the embarrassing losses this year to sUCks or Ohio?  Probably.  Or was it the stories of inappropriate behavior I heard when he was an assistant coach at Ohio?  Maybe.  Was it that I felt he wasn't the head coach Miami needed after the disaster of the Shane Montgomery era.  Definitely.

It's also hard to stomach someone preaching discipline and class and then seeing that person arrested for domestic violence.  Good riddance.  I just wish that ESPN would stop showing him wearing Miami gear as they discuss him getting fired by Pitt.

On the the Treadwell era - who was a great assistant coach at Miami when I was an undergrad and working with the football team as an athletic training student.  Go RedHawks!

Clean Slate

Four years and a few months.  A couple hundred posts.  Time for some changes.

You'll notice the name change as it reflects a change in mindset.  I'm not sure Michigan will ever truly feel like "home" but it is turning out to be one of the longer resting spots in this life's journey.  No, I'm not changing the picture (I just love The Sisters) so don't even ask.

I briefly contemplated not blogging anymore...but then things happen and my brain starts working a bit more and I want to get some things out of the old headspace (gotta make room for new stuff!) and this is the perfect place for those.

I've taken some steps to be a bit more organized.  I recently created one of these.  Not as a planner, or a journal/diary, but more as a place to jot down those things in my brain and to help organize them before some of them end up here.

I'm also going to try and expand some of the topics that show up on here - not that I've been imposing restrictions but there have been some areas of this life that I'm sorta passionate about that haven't made it on here.  Yet.

This year.

Because 2011 is here and as that calendar page turns over to January everyone gets a clean slate, a blank page to fill in the goals for the upcoming 365 days.

This is one way that I'm trying to start fresh with my own clean slate.  A new look, some new things but the same old KP.

Happy New Year.