Sunday, September 25, 2011

6700 Mile Service Appointment

Ugh...what a fortnight.

I'll go into some of the gory details later but let's just say that the last 14 days have not been to kind.

First, I rolled my ankle, then I had an urgent trip to Cincinnati (that part will be later), then an early departure back to Grand Rapids so I could keep an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.

That's right, surgeon.  Not for an athlete, or T, but me.

It took him about 2 minutes of doing a physical exam, stressing my ankle before he agreed with me that I need a Brostrum procedure because my ankle is trashed.  The stress x-rays only made the diagnosis easier - let's put it this way:  I'm one awkward step off a curb from a fracture-dislocation.

Surgery is scheduled for Oct 18.  22 days from now.  Two days after the Grand Rapids Half Marathon, which I'm still running but thanks to all of the recent upheaval I doubt will be the kind of effort I was hoping for back at the first of June.  Oh well...more important things on my plate now.