Monday, March 31, 2008



That's the number of visits to this blog in the last year (the cluster map at the bottom reset on 3/29 while we were in Texas).


Is what I put on here really that interesting?

It will be nice to watch the dots reappear on the map as people drop by though.

Monday, March 24, 2008


As you can probably tell from previous posts (mentioned being out of my routine) plus the running log/stats over on the right, I've been in a funk lately.

The month of March has been a bit overwhelming - moving, unpacking, the state of flux my life is in due to the weather and spring sports, etc - well, it all sort of came to a head on Friday.

Just felt off, like I couldn't accomplish anything, struggled to find the energy to care about not accomplishing anything.

Then I did something important.

You see, I am lucky to have people in my life that care about me. I heard the same advice from a few of them: start small, make a to-do-list of things I could accomplish that would put me back on the right path.

Turns out these are intelligent people. I just had to be smart enough listen to 'em.

You know who you are. Thanks.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Who Do I Run For?

During the last two years I’ve become an avid listener to the podcast Phedippidations. Produced by a middle aged, middle of the pack, slightly asthmatic runner (his words, not mine) in Massachusetts this podcast for runners of all levels has become a constant companion on my long runs.

Today on my run I listened to episode #135 entitled “Who Do You Run For?” and as I traversed the streets of Grand Rapids this Easter morning I began to think about that exact question. After spending the rest of the day completing tasks around the house I thought I’d blog about my answers. So here goes:

T – I run for my wife. I want to do to whatever I can to make sure my days on this planet are plentiful, but that’s not it. I run because she inspires me. Her own running impresses me to no end, because it isn’t easy for her. She battles her own body – asthma – on every run but she doesn’t quit. If she can push through that kind of thing to make the progress she has in the last year, then I surely can get my lazy ass out of bed and get my miles in. Thanks love for everything and then some.

My mom – because she can’t. My mom is battling, successfully at the moment, cancer for the second time. I wish I possessed even a fraction of the strength she faces her disease with. If she can deal with that, then I can among other things, quit bitching about the hills where we live now.

Friends – you know who you are, whether in the virtual world or not, all you encourage me no matter what your level of expertise.

Finally, I run for myself. It gives me a sense of control in my often-chaotic life. It reduces stress, it’s made me healthier (one of these days I’m going to find a picture of me from the summer of 2000), and most importantly it’s provided me a sense of community. I’ve mentioned the forum before (links over to the right) but it truly is a community of love and support. I run for myself because I want to be the best version of me I can.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I'll be the first person to admit that I'm not that religious, so I'm turning to anyone else out there in the blogosphere to answer me this question:

I know how Easter Sunday is chosen each year, it's the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox...which on the surface smacks of a Pagan type holiday/festival celebrating the return of the growing season to me...but if we are commemorating the death of Jesus Christ why isn't it celebrated the same day every year?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

First Race Report Of The Year

This was the second year in a row for me running this race. This is one of the first races of the spring-like season here in Grand Rapids - approx 32F at the start and snow still on the ground in places isn't spring. Last year I had some issues with the race:

1) I was still recovering from a leg injury and hadn't been running very well or consistently.

2) There were so many people in this race and due to the course bottlenecking thanks to a couple of sharp turns in the first half mile it took almost the first mile to get in a rhythm. Plus this was the race I passed walkers, not being taking a walk break, after the first mile.

This year they split the race into two separate races, a men's and a women's race. This completely eradicated concern #2 from above.

My goal for the day was to use the race as a workout in my training for my first marathon. This week's quality workout was supposed to be 4x1200m at I pace (about 8:20/mile) so that was the pace I was hoping to maintain.

Mile 1: 8:09 felt pretty good, small slight hill in this mile plus the course turned sharply twice. Managed to make it without hitting any ice.

Mile 2: 8:22 this mile is pretty much a steady climb. Not a huge hill, but just steady. Felt pretty good at this point. I could tell I was working, but I was doing okay.

Mile 3: 8:01 downhill for the most part so I tried to let the hill carry me a bit. I got a shout of encouragement from the cross country coach at the college with about a half mile to go.

Finish: 25:23 which is a 25 second PR.

All in all I felt good at the end. Yeah, I could have pushed it a bit more, but for that day and what I was trying to accomplish (the workout) I feel it was a pretty damn good day. The PR is just a bonus.

Friday, March 14, 2008

First Of The New Year

Race that is, 5k tomorrow. I'll post to let all three of you reading how it goes. T is also running.

House is coming along, slowly. Unpacking is not easy when you both have to work all day like normal people. Hopefully we will get a lot accomplished this weekend.

All I got now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's All?!?!?!

100 days until the marathon. Holy shit. Might feel a bit better if the house hadn't gotten so in the way of my training.

Also wish I'd hear about the hotel. Starting to get a bit nervous that we won't have any place to stay.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Return To Normal?

Can someone please tell me when things will be back to normal? Please?

See, I'm a creature of habit - just ask T - I like routines, but between all of the house stuff, moving, unpacking, spring sports schedules being a we-hope-so-proposition at best, and daylight savings time I can't seem to find any traction.

Speaking of daylight savings time let me say the following: I'm not entirely against the idea, but I am against it starting this early in March! Sunrise isn't until after 8 am again here in Michigan!

I think that is a big part of why I'm having such a hard time getting up and running in the morning.

How many more weeks/days until the school year ends?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

House Update

Yesterday was moving day. Counted it up the other night, since I met T in 2000, we have moved five times - with two of those moves being across country. God I hate moving.

However, we are in the house. Here are some before/after pics of what we did to the place before we moved in yesterday. More pics will follow once we have the time to arrange the furniture.